What is he after.

I would not say that my the new love in my life is a weirdo or anything like that, but at the same time, I am not sure where I stand with him. He is the first man who has made me feel unsure of myself, and it is not a feeling that sits too good with me. Ever since I got involved with escorting thanks to London escorts, I have been very confident around men, but now I feel like I don’t know what I am doing any more. The difference is that when I am at London escorts, I am always in control, and now it feels like I have lost the plot.

Is this the first time I have been madly in love? I have always dreamed of being madly in love, and when I take a few moments to think about it, I think that this is the first time I am experiencing big love as the girls at London escorts call it. But it is strange, I was expecting my big love to make me feel good all of the time, but like I said to the girls at London escorts over lunch, I kind of feel very exposed.

It does not feel right in some way but I can’t put my finger on it.My new man as I like to call him, is not worried that I work for London escorts at all. He says that his mom has a bit of shady past, and he thinks that she may have worked for a London escorts when she was younger. It would kind have been the right era he says. In the 70’s, the escort service in London was probably at its peak. I have met his mom, and I do have this feeling that we may share a past, or for me present, but we have not mentioned anything. Steve is rather a few years older than me, and we met at a private club in London.

I do this little extra job and serve cocktails. It is not anything fantastic, but to be honest, it has been a great way for me to meet new dates for London. One night I happen to bump into Steve, and he made me feel weak at the knees right away. It was strange but I did feel that we had something in common. Steve is a car dealer and he seems to be one of those guys who runs around all over London to do business. Do I trust him? You see, this is the thing. There are times when I feel that he just seduces me and leaves me. He has this rather bad habit of turning up late, seduce me with my favorite champagne and we end up in bed.

Is he good in bed? It feels like he sets me on fire, but I do wonder what happens when he leaves after his morning shower. We are beginning to spend more time together, but it is not a fast process at all. He spoils with nice gifts, and I wonder if he is worried about our age difference. I feel like we need to have a good talk, and sort out what we mean to each other. There is a question in his eyes sometimes just before I turn the lights out, and I do wonder what he would like to ask me.

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